Search Engine Marketing(SEM), PPC

Pay Per Click or PPC

Pay Per Click or PPC is an advertisement technique to increase traffic & sales on website through paid clicks. This type of advertisement & conversion provides exclusive presence to the businesses or brands on popular search engines as well as increases traffic.

Our AdWords or PPC management services included:

  • Search advertisement
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Shopping advertisement or Ecommerce Platforms


Our intention to make your online business website speedy and easy to navigate and without mistakes and additionally with a lot of applicable facts.

Our PPC Management Services covers the entire process of paid advertising or PPC marketing and covering the sponsored listings and content page advertising as offered by Google AdWords, Yahoo Search, Bing Search.

Digital Burgeon follows Several Steps to Search Engine Marketing or PPC Success for the Companies:

  • Define an Effective Strategy
  • Choose the Best Keyword Phrases or In-depth Keywords research as per the business requirement and target market
  • Optimize Your Site for Organic Search
  • Campaign setup and Ads creation by PPC experts
  • Campaign bid management/optimisation on regular basis
  • Regular campaign optimization and testing for better ROI
  • Manage an ROI-driven Paid Search Campaign
  • Take Advantage of Google’s Services for Quick Ranking
  • Landing pages’ optimization to enhance the conversions